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​Online conference: Epic Growth Summit

​Online conference: Epic Growth Summit

Tuesday, 7 September 2021 09:00 AM - Thursday, 16 September 2021 06:00 PM
Epic Growth Summit

The Epic Growth Summit asks the question, ‘Why do some companies grow by 10%, while others grow by 300%?’ If you would like to find out the answer, be sure to attend their 2021 event. The conference focuses on technology industry success stories, exploring the reasons why certain companies have thrived through talks, case studies and fireside chats. This year will investigate the topics of product-lead growth, growth strategies and tactics, retention & engagement, product analytics and growth teams and collaboration

Agenda highlights include:

  • Fireside chat: How to approach product career management —Sylvia Ng (ex General Manager at Shopify, founder

  • How to develop a value-based hierarchy of metrics — Anna Buldakova (Product Manager, Facebook)

  • Scaling Customer Success to Power Growth: challenges and opportunities — Dan Pino (Customer Success Manager) and Corinne Goldberg (Customer Success Manager)

  • How to create better products with a powerful tool of user interviews — Kinga Asbóth (Product Manager)

There are 50 free tickets available (although you won’t be able to re-watch recorded sessions). You can also purchase a ticket for €49, or an annual membership to Epic Growth premium for €99. To register, click here.