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Code Mesh 2020 Conference

Code Mesh 2020 Conference

Thursday, 5 November 2020 09:00 AM - Friday, 6 November 2020 06:00 PM
Code Mesh

​Code Mesh, also known as the alternative tech conference, focuses on using non-conventional thinking, different technologies and diverse people to help solve real-world problems. Attendees come from a variety of backgrounds, including programming language inventors, developers, innovators, researchers, and other visionaries.

Code Mesh takes place over two days and includes a range of live talks, workshops, idea-sharing and networking opportunities. Core to the philosophy of Code Mesh is encouraging use of ‘the right tools for the job’ rather than what’s easily accessible. You’ll learn about how different programming languages, libraries, databases, operating systems, hardware platforms and more general techniques can be used to identify innovative solutions.

This year’s conference themes include:

  • Concurrency, Multicore and Parallelism

  • Distributed Systems

  • The History and the Philosophy of Computer Science

  • Non-Mainstream Programming Languages

  • Infrastructure

To get a flavour for the events on offer, have a look at the best talks from past Code Mesh events.

A standard conference ticket costs €110. There are discounted rates for students, a diversity scheme which awards tickets to under-represented members of the BEAM community and free tickets for volunteers. If you're ready to shake up the way you approach programming and software problems, register here.