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CloudFest 2021

CloudFest 2021

Tuesday, 23 March 2021 09:00 AM - Thursday, 25 March 2021 06:00 PM
Cloud Fest

CloudFest is one of the of the world’s biggest cloud computing conference. The 2021 edition features three full days of talks, fireside chats, evening parties and more. Best of all, PowerPoint has been banned! Expect fully engaging and interactive sessions with experts in your field — including those from Intel, Toshiba, the inventor of Java and even the former head of MI6.

The Conference will be organised around the following three tracks:

Day one: The Intelligent Cloud

Case studies, use cases and analyses will explore the future of AI in cloud computing, with a focus on how smart tools can streamline operations. Talks will cover topics such as server system designs, how to store machine-created data, software performance and data infrastructure.

Day two: Web Pros in the Cloud

CloudFest has invited leading Web Professionals to speak about how they have teamed up with hyperscale platforms during the pandemic. Talks will cover topics such as the effect of COVID-19 on your target market, how to engage in charity work and evolving Web Pros requirements.

Day three: The Secure Cloud

As cloud computing grows ever more sophisticated, so do the threats. Day three’s talks will include trends for 2021, tips for your post-pandemic strategy and an introduction to fourth-generation espionage.

How to attend?

Tickets for all three days of this top quality content are completely free. All you need to do is register here.