Jenny Morris
27 May 2021 by Jenny Morris
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With so many organisations operating online, digital marketing has never as important as it is in 2021. It’s a continually evolving field, so marketers have to keep up with the latest trends, tips and tools. Read on to discover six great resources across content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media and more, to help you stay ahead.

The All-In-One Resource

Neil Patel is widely acknowledged as the guru of all things digital marketing, and his blog is a fantastic source of information for all marketers. Neil’s website covers topics such as SEO, content marketing, social media, Ecommerce, conversion optimisation, email marketing and more. So, if you’re looking for a single resource to suit all your digital marketing needs — this is the one for you.

In addition, the website offers tools such as the SEO Analyser, which provides you with a free analysis of your SEO errors, and Ubersuggest, which gives you information about keywords, content suggestions and backlink data. Some of these features are available for free, and the more advanced options available for a fee.

Content Marketing

Contently provides advice on improving your content strategy, building your content platform and directing you towards expert content creators. Their blog is always written in a jargon-free and engaging manner and covers topics such as strategy, digital transformation, storytelling, ROI and trending topics.

Their educational hub, ContentlyU, provides a wealth of free knowledge in the form of research, playbooks, courses and events — fantastic for career progression and developing new skills. Their collection of real-world case studies, which includes organisations such as Walmart, Microsoft, Marriot, are also worth a quick read.

Social Media

Social Media Today is a great source of news and blog insights. They cover new updates to social media, key industry reports and advice to improve your social media game. Social Media Today also facilitate wider community engagement by hosting regular Twitter chats, SMT Live. Past conversations have covered topics such as ‘Building Brand Trust on Social Media’ and ‘Brands That Inspire Us on Social.’

Water-cooler chats

If you are missing the buzz of office life, then look to the ‘Marketing over Coffee’ podcast to fill that void. Each twenty-minute episode takes the format of a casual chat between colleagues, while still providing plenty of useful tips and tricks.

While the podcast covers marketing as a whole, you don’t need to look far into the archives to find some fascinating digital content. Recent 2021 episodes have covered topics such as ‘AI for Marketers’, a conversation with Eric Schwartzman on his new book, ‘The Digital Pivot – Secrets of OnlineMarketing’, and an episode exploring, ‘What tech will replace cookies for Google?’

Search Engine News

The SEM Post is another excellent digital marketing news source, run by industry expert, Jennifer Slegg. They are known for their timely responses to breaking stories and thoughtful commentary for the wider industry. For up to date news about the major players such as Google, Twitter and Facebook, as well as topic-focused insights and wider industry analysis, be sure to look to the SEM Post.

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Psychology for digital marketing

Psychology is key to successful marketing, so why not dig into the science behind what makes people tick? Roger Dooley’s popular podcast, Brainfluence, features conversations with experts across marketing and business. Each episode covers personal stories, discussion of underlying psychological principles and practical tips. Previous episodes have included a conversation with Howard Tiersky about ‘Winning Digital Customers’ and a look at ‘Influencer Marketing’ with Jason Falls.