Jenny Morris
20 August 2020 by Jenny Morris
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Software testing is a fast-moving and constantly changing work environment. To succeed in the industry, it’s vital to continually develop your skills and stay familiar with the latest news and trends. To facilitate this, I’ve collected a variety of excellent resources you should know about.

Ministry of Testing

Going strong since 2007 (when they were named the Software Testing Club), the Ministry of Testing is a global software testing community with tens of thousands of users. It’s a great way to connect with others in your industry, which you can do via their forum, The Club. They also offer ‘The dojo’, which is a collection of articles, podcasts, courses and talks all geared towards expanding your software testing knowledge. Finally, the Ministry of Testing run their own conference, TestBash, and run meetups and masterclasses.

Basic membership is free, but access to the full range of offerings requires a paid membership. However, it’s well worth it!

If you want a blog that provides high-quality articles with a personal touch, this is the one for you. Run by Angie Jones, who is a Senior Developer Advocate specialising in test automation strategies and techniques, this blog is full of engaging content. In addition, there are links to upcoming events and Angie’s free online courses.

Java Brains

Knowledge of programming languages like Java is vital to software testers. Java Brains is a free collection of YouTube tutorials and courses focusing on Java. Videos focus on topics such as ‘What is Spring Security really all about?’ and ‘Creating routes.’ Most tutorials are around ten minutes and are all visually engaging and professionally produced.

QA Intelligence

A fantastic podcast that tackles common questions about software testing. It’s run by Rob Lambert, owner of Cultivates Management, and Joel Montvelisky, PractiTest Chief Solution Architect. Each Podcast is approximately thirty minutes long and focuses on a different area of the profession. Recent episodes have included ‘Testing from Home Pitfalls and Tips,’ and ‘Frustrations in testing and what to do about them.’


Dzone provides a host of technical content for software testing and QA. It’s a huge and varied site with over a million members — because of this, it’s also a great way to find out about related areas such as DevOps, IoT, Security and Big Data. They provide articles, Refcards (PDF tutorials of new technologies) and guides that provide high-level insights, survey data and comparisons of tools and platforms.

There is also an opportunity to develop your online presence, as DZone welcome members to contribute by sharing articles, announcements and writing their own blog posts. With over a million members, you may gain some valuable exposure in the industry.

Women Testers

Women Testers say, ‘Enough has been talked, written, written off about Women in Tech.’ What they want to do is bring together a variety of women in the industry to share and learn from each other’s experiences. The quarterly e-magazine features technical articles, opinion pieces and Q&A’s with women testers. It’s a valuable resource for all.

The Testing Show

Get your software testing fix in just fifteen minutes. The Testing Show podcast combines news, analysis, audience feedback and ‘a little silliness’ to provide an update on what’s happening in the industry. Recent episodes have included ‘Career Development in the time of COVID’ and ‘The Secret Weapon of QA Modernization.’ Episodes are fun, quick and released every two weeks (approximately).


So, given its userbase of 50 million, you might have heard of this one. Github is a development platform that allows users to host code, explore repositories and frameworks, and connect. Make sure you’re fully utilising what Github has to offer, such as the technical blogs, news and vibrant online community. You can also grow your skills with the learning lab and contribute to open source projects.