Kate Cerny
11 May 2020 by Kate Cerny
Digital Factory Cropped 2

Our client, a full-service Middle Eastern bank with strong regional and global reach, was determined to drive an irresistible programme of digital transformation that would create a free-standing “digital financial factory” liberated from traditional, legacy mindsets and processes. 

Tasked with this mission, the Chief Digital Officer (identified and recruited by the bank thanks to an executive search by us) engaged McGregor Boyall Digital to identify and attract high-impact digital talent from around the world to form a diverse core team that would make it happen. 


We worked with the CDO and the global strategy consulting firm advising the bank to design and execute a comprehensive talent and acquisition plan with a global dimension.  This global aspect recognised that the range of roles (which included Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Front- End Software Engineers, UX / CX Designers) and their urgency meant that sourcing from the Middle East region alone would be insufficient.   

Additionally, it was recognised that the success of a fully global digital talent acquisition strategy would be critically dependent on onboarding processes that would cope with the complexity of international engagement without sacrificing speed or quality.  In fact, it was clear that not only the transformation programme needed to be agile – so did the talent acquisition programme sustaining it! 

Agility was achieved by McGregor Boyall Digital seconding one of our most experienced Talent Partners to sit on-site with a quick-response team comprising the bank, their strategy house and our Talent Partners.  It was this team that ensured that talent identification and attraction resulted in effective, fast-track hiring. 


To put it simply, results exceeded expectations.  Everyone accepted that the project had many moving parts – research, attraction, remote interviewing and administration – that could increase executions risk.  It was also recognised that international relocations for the individuals hired and their dependents would add layers of complication.  Despite all this, the original objective to fill 14 positions was surpassed, with 22 digital specialists being recruited from 4 continents (Lithuania, South Africa, Singapore, Turkey, India, Lebanon, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Peru, Canada).