Paul Rodgers
10 April 2020 by Paul Rodgers
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Our client, a globally recognised online gaming firm recognised the increasing impact of data protection across multiple international jurisdictions. Adherence to associated legislation mandating compliance in multiple environments was recognised as being a critical necessity for a highly customer-focused business, holding increasing amounts of online customer and transactional data. Our mandate was to support our client by building out a new Data Governance, Protection and Privacy Project Team to ensure sustained compliance.  


We were retained to deliver this programme of change in an exclusive partnership due to our previous work of delivering numerous hires within the business, having built an entire BI & Data Team and provided various other key technology hires within the Digital, Design and Product areas.  

We engaged with their Head of Compliance and Programme Manager to discuss existing and anticipated legislation changes across multiple jurisdictions to fine-tune our understanding of this legislation and support the design of the requirement map to build out this Project Team. Service level agreements were put in place to govern candidate acquisition that focused on identifying /attracting high-quality candidates against demanding timescales. This SLA was supplemented by onboarding schedules that would equip our client to respond to the flow and variety of legislation demands. 


Within a couple of weeks of the project going live, we had fulfilled two critical requirements – the recruitment of a permanent Data Protection Officer and an interim Data Governance specialist.  These key hires provided a framework that supported the recruitment and was quickly followed by further InfoSec Business Analysts and Project Managers who executed programme goals ahead on time and slightly under budget. 

The firm was acknowledged as one of the first to have delivered a successful, robust and integrated programme of data protection in the online gaming sector. Working in partnership with our client,  our contribution to the successful project analysis/management of this programme was recognised and underpins our continuing relationship.