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About Us

At McGregor Boyall Digital we believe that digital talent is driving profound and irreversible change at all levels: intellectual, cultural and economic. Our mission is to help organisations seeking to drive transformation by unlocking the power of creative talent to reimagine and deliver the possibilities of digital change. And if you have that talent, we are here to connect you to those organisations.

When we say that true digital change is profound, we mean it quite literally - it is not superficial and just skin-deep.  This does not mean that we do not recognise the critical of stunning digital experiences
achieved by amazing design.  We do.  And we help our clients achieve just that.  But we also believe that “digital” is not a narrow, shallow ecosystem – it is, by contrast, a wide and deep universe with starring roles for data and technology as well as design.

Indeed, we believe that it is only truly integrated digital innovation, fusing design, data and technology, that can build new businesses or successfully repurpose existing ones. 

This is why we are passionate about supporting our candidates and clients along their digital journeys: data science as well as UI design, machine learning as well as product owning, robotic automation as well as digital marketing.

So whatever way your digital journey is taking you, we are here to help.